Gopro Video Editor

Unrivalled Gopro Video Editor offers you the best video editing experience on videos from GoPro Hero 4, HD Hero3, GoPro Hero3+, Hero2 and other protable action camera brands (GoPro, Sony, FLip, Kodak…). Specialized on fast, simple and amazing Holly-wood like GoPro (HD Hero4 included) editing on Window 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista for both pro alike and amateur editors, GoPro Video Editor supports 1080p, 4K and HD MP4 editing natively without needing transcoding.

Best GoPro Video Editor is produced by a group of elites, who work at professional home multimedia and are outdoor enhusiasts themselves. HD Gopro Video Editor edits multi-camera footage from four different sources without the need of 3rd party plug-ins. Free Gopro video editor lets you edit or cut on the fly, it can meet your various need to trim, cut, split, combine, add transition/text, add backgorund music/audio track on Gopro Hero 4/Hero3/Hero Plus/Hero2 footage, Gopro Video Editing software can export and burn GoPro Hero video to DVD/Bluray disc, what’s more, the progra helps you produce and publish GoPro Youtube video in a simple way.

When comes to issue on importing and editing Gopro with Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro, Gopro Hero video editor for PC is always your No.1 alternative choice. Hero 4 Gopro video editor edits, converts, and burns Gopro movies when and where there is a need. The time you choose to use Gopro video editor, you are authorized to free use any other products from AVS4YOU PC Downloads. Try it!

We always believe Gopro Video Editor is the super winner on Gopro Hero3+, Hero4, HD Hero, GoPro MP4 video editing. Grab a free download of the program now to run a test for editing, conversion and burning. We also prepare a copy of Gopro video editor for Mac in case you are working on Mac OS X (Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Syrah included)

Things Gopor video editor can do beautifully

1. Natively edit Gopro Hero3+, Hero2 and GoPro HD Hero videos without conversion! Easily cut, split, join Gopro movies, add background music, slow motion, add text, even on Windows 8.1

2. Convert Gopro video to DVD, Bluray disc.

3. Convert Gopro mp4 to other formats like avi, wmv, mov, flv, 3gp, avhcd, vob, iPad Air, iTunes, Apple TV, iPhone 5S

Guide on how to use Gopro video Editor

Step 1: Free Download and install GoPro Video Editor



Click here to download it. After the download is finished, run the GoProVideo Editor.exefile and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Launch GoPro Video Editor and load your video.

    • Press Import Media Files to add media files stored on your computer HDD. In the opened Windows explorer window select the needed video file and click Open;
    • Press Capture from Camera to use video recordings captured from your camera. The AVS Video Recorder application will be launched to let you do it;

If you want to load some more files to your current project use the Import, Capture or Screen Capture buttons of the Media Library.

Step 3: Add your video to the Timeline To apply different effects to your video, place the movie to the Timeline area, first of all. If you import a new file to the program using the buttons from the Start Project page, this file will be added to the Timeline automatically.

Now all the preliminary actions are done and you can proceed to add transitions, apply different effects, lay text and other videos over the main ones, dub episodes and create DVDs with menus.